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what do i do?

I capture authentic stories.

In a world full or curated content and perfection, it’s hard to know what’s real. As an experienced explorer, I capture images that narrate human interaction, emotion, and change with empathy. Whether I’m shooting environmental portraits for an annual report or landscapes for conservation initiatives I narrate stories that are real and empowering. I use storytelling to create an emotional connection and inspire action.

The nice thing about being real? Truth always wins. It’s relatable, its powerful and people crave it. I can shoot images for land or wildlife conservation issues just as I can shoot a story for an outdoor brand because its all about making a connection.

I create honest narratives that educate your audience and establish trust.

That’s why you should work with SHANLEYSTUDIO.

would you believe me if i told you…

I applied to twelve medical schools. I wanted to be a surgeon and do heart transplants. I had shadowed doctors and built up hundreds of OR hours during college in preparation for medical school, but in my junior year I decided to switch my major. I was told more music and english majors got into medical school than science majors because their grades were better. I liked my major, but I didn’t care for all of its crazy politics. The things people do to get into medical school…

I still wanted to be a surgeon, but I switched into architectural design and construction. Not all that different from surgery really. The major required us to study abroad and I chose Barcelona to study urban planning and photography.

After applying to twelve medical schools and completing my study abroad program, I thought, “I think I’ll apply to graduate school for photography as well.” At that point, I had been shooting all through high school and college. I was getting pretty good so it seemed like a solid back-up plan.

I still remember how big I smiled when I got my letter from Newhouse. I ran into my grandmother’s office and handed it to her proudly. She took one look at me and said, “So I guess were moving to New York then?”

No one ever quite explained to me the full meaning of “back-up”.

My medical school responses were set to arrive the next week. I knew if I got in, I’d feel compelled to go. So, I pulled them all, moved to New York and never looked back.

Things in this world will scare you. Do them anyway.



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awards —
”dreamlike landscapes” | blank wall gallery 2015
small works photography | mishkin gallery
”Nature” | honorable mention | ipoty 2015
Landscapes | finalist | shoot the frame 2018
”cityscapes” | blank wall gallery 2018


clients —
church world services
solidarity center
tapp gardens
wildbreed equipment
musky trails candles

fun facts —
i’ve been leeched, TWICE
i lived in thailand and got hit by a motorcycle
my great pyrenees is cooler than your dog
i can touch my tongue to my nose
you just tried, didn’t you?
don’t lie.
#shinerboch for life