While working with NGO, Church World Service in Myanmar, I visited Koe Ein Tan West village for a cooking demonstration and nutrition education session. Here, I took part in the nutrition education session for mothers with children under the age of 5. These children are often malnourished due to a lack of a balanced diet. These sessions demonstrate how to prepare food and what vegetables to use to meet dietary needs. The mothers who attend these session are a part of a group that was formed with the help of CWS. CWS provided education on sustainable agriculture practices and seed so the women could begin to farm. They grow a number of vegetables throughout the year and they are now able to feed their families multiple times a day and meet nutrition standards. The village has 16 mothers and they are all a part of the mother's group. During every nutrition session they discuss their goals and plans to achieve these goals. At this meeting their key points were as follows:

1. Grow the number of healthy "under 5" children in the community.

Plan: feed balanced foods to the children, practice better personal hygiene and focus on pre and post natal care of the mothers.

Here the cooking demo shows meals for children 6mo - 1yr and children 1-2 y/o. For 6mo - 1yr dishes are prepared with egg, yellow bean and rice. For children 1-2 yrs dishes are prepared with fried egg, rice, various vegetable soups made of eggplant, tomato, potato, long bean and yellow bean.