I left New York for tropical Thailand in order to continue my pursuit as a landscape and cultural photographer. I'll be teaching Math in Ranong, exploring South East Asia and writing about my embarassments along the way. Follow along for laughs and photos as I move away from the big city for small town Thailand.  

Prints are for sale! 


Jules and I arrived in Ranong and both agreed that first, we wanted to find an apartment to drop our shit off, but really we wanted to hit up a beach before we had to start school - perfectly reasonable.  After we decided on Riverview, we took a few days to get our apartments together, we took LOTS of "views of the jelly?" snapchats (because our backyard is dope and you should be jelly) and than decided we'd check out Koh Phayam (silent h) for a week.  We booked beach front bungalows at Bamboo Bungalows via and hopped on the speedboat. 

*Beach front bungalow was also ~$65 for six nights/7 days for each of us...yessir*

The speedboat takes 45 minutes and along the way we passed countless islands, some with boats, most uninhabited, all beautiful. Yes, they all look like massive lush filled mounds, where Leo appears with a backpack and a smile - it's all just like the movies. Don't worry mom, this doens't have a Claire Danes ending. We get to the island and are asked where we're staying - the "taxis" are motorbikes so I guess I'm getting on the back with some guy I don't know because he's wearing a vest...sure.

We take a 20 minutes ride through lush forest, passing hippie bars, music and smoothie stands and decide we're going to spend a lot of weekends here. We pull up to Bamboo Bungalows, check in at reception, get upgraded to a better suite because we had to "wait" (we waited about 5 minutes - totally not necessary, but absolutely awesome). We can see the waves crashing, the restaurant is on the beach and we're all smiles.  I grab the drone and get a flight in, get a tan in, get a beer in, get another flight in - I'm just livin' my best life. I decided right there, getting laid off from Saks was the best thing that could have happened to me. I'm finally following my passions and I couldn't be happier or more proud of myself.  

Sorry - back to the story.  So, I'm still working on my flying skills and I want to focused on piloting for a while before I dig into editing, but here's a few clips anyway. 

These aren't the great, obviously, but the beach is stunning and I'm excited I finally caught footage that isn't absolutely atrocious. Leave comments below for editing tips, music suggestions, etc.

For reference, guys, we got to the beach on Wednesday (5/3). I was really happy I took the drone out right when we got there because we got a text that evening that we had to be at school on Friday (5/5). So we balled out at dinner, laid out the next morning and caught the 2pm speedboat back to Ranong.  Let that be a lesson, never wait - just get out there.