I left New York for tropical Thailand in order to continue my pursuit as a landscape and cultural photographer. I'll be teaching Math in Ranong, exploring South East Asia and writing about my embarassments along the way. Follow along for laughs and photos as I move away from the big city for small town Thailand.  

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After taking our long, arduous, sleep filled, flight to Phuket we landed, grabbed our bags and headed outside to get picked up. Y'all, PHUKET IS HUMID AF.  I grew up in Texas, I've been to Houston many times, I've been to the coast, I've traveled to humid countries, but nothing is like Southern Thailand.  I walked out of the airport and thought, "I can't breath. There's no air. *panic sets in* Is this the end? Is this where I meet my great demise? There's so many things I haven't done, places I'll never see!!! Is this truly what takes me?!" 

In reality is was more like, "Fuck, its humid. Jesus H. Christ."  Yep, he has a middle name. I was surprised, too.

We hopped in the car, grabbed a bite and took our five hour car ride to Ranong. The drive is breathtaking. The greenery is lush between the palm trees and tropical flowers and the mountains are so close you feel like you can touch them. I knew immediately, I was going to enjoy Southern Thailand. We get closer to Ranong and I assumed as its a medium sized city, the mountains would disappear and the magical world I was driving through would fade as well. Turns out, the mountains are just as close, if not closer, there's a hot spring in town, and my apartment, well it's situated on the river. How cool is that? 

My new Backyard

My new Backyard

Snapchats saved down aren't the greatest, albeit, but my view is still pretty dope - that's all you need to know.

So Julia (friend from my TESOL program in Chiang Mai) get to RIverview Apartments and pick the apartments we like. Mine isn't ready until the 10th so I shack up with Jules for a few weeks until I can move in, no biggie.

Night 1: Drop our stuff off, figure out food, and get attacked by a spider. LIKE A REALLY BIG, FURRY SPIDER. And this fucker was stealth! First we didn't know where he was so we stood on chairs and the coffee table for fear he'd show up next to our feet.  I then got the idea to squirt soap on him, but Jules jumped, which caused me to scream and squirt the soap all over the floor...this god damn spider has to be laughing at us by this point. Then we see he's climbed behind our curtains. To be clear, at this point only Jules has seen the spider and I'm like, "Jules, I'm sure its not that big." This guy peaks out of the curtains and I scream and jump on a table (which i think was technically closer to the spider...what the hell kind of reaction is that??)  So after much cursing and deliberation, Jules took a broom to the curtains while I held the dustbin over her head for fear it would shake out on top of us...nothing. We shook the curtains, he peaked out (scared the shit out of us) and crawled back in. Fuck this guy. We came, we saw, we tried and we failed. I texted our landlord who came with her husband and a small mesh wand sort of thing. They were SO CALM. I get it, you're from Thailand, but who isn't afraid of spiders? Thai people. They caught and killed the bastard and we all had a good laugh. News travels fast in this town and a few days later someone laughed at us and our "spider incident". Whatever, it was traumatizing!

Below is a hilarious excerpt from our "spider attack" where a gecko makes a friendly appearance, scares everyone and makes us look like idiots. But all in good fun, right?? Here ya go:

So nonetheless, we've moved in, bugs are REAL here, but we made it through our first night. We're thinking about going to the islands for a few days. Koh Phayam, here we come. 

Ryan Shanley