I left New York for tropical Thailand in order to continue my pursuit as a landscape and cultural photographer. I'll be teaching Math in Ranong, exploring South East Asia and writing about my embarassments along the way. Follow along for laughs and photos as I move away from the big city for small town Thailand.  

Prints are for sale! 




This is where I began my day on Saturday. I was snuggled in bed, looking out my window, uploading videos and enjoying my first day off. HALLELUJAH.

Jules and I could not believe how sunny it was and decide to take advantage. We figure, even if we just explore town, we're still getting out and seeing new things. So we take to the bikes and decide we'll go to the Ranong Hot Springs in town. They are free to get in and are suppose to be amazing. We do our normal drive towards school, but hit a right where we usually go left and suddenly the scenery is all around us. The mountains feel like they hover over you, the clouds drop in more and THIS is the drive we've been needing. I think I was ear to ear smiles. Finally, I was exploring and felt comfortable on my bike. I've been waiting for this moment and let me tell ya, it was awesome. 

Jules and I quickly realize were now in the park area, on a one way road and we've both passed the entrance and the coffee stand. We figure, we live in Thailand now, we're not tourists so we do it like the Thai's do and turn around and drive against traffic. COFFEE IS IMPORTANT PEOPLE. 

Yes, in hindsight we could have parked and merely walked backwards, but why, WHY good people would be choose to be logical when we can choose to be Thai?? See, you agree. 

We find our coffee, find the entrance and make our way in. At first glance, everything is really beautiful, but mostly it looks like a river where families and their children have picnics and splash around. I'm not seeing steam or mud pits and nothing reeks of sulfur. We stumble on to a bridge and decide, selfie time. 



We continue to walk, looking for these hot springs, end up on the other side of the road, thinking, "Surely we didn't miss them...aren't they the star attraction?" We walk back into the park, down a little ways further and find them. 

First off, no shoes, no food, and you must shower before getting in. Cool, rules are good. 

We toss the coffee cups, take off our shoes and decide to test the water before committing to the shower. JESUS H. CHRIST.  I'm from Texas, it get's mighty hot there. NAH, HARD PASS.

40 degrees celsius. I'm good, thanks.

I look at Jules, we both look terrified, take a snap and decide to bounce. We laugh at how long it took us to find this place only to leave because they were way too hot. lolz.  It was a good time though and once the rainy season cools things down, I'll go back!

See here... the river and some selfies.