I left New York for tropical Thailand in order to continue my pursuit as a landscape and cultural photographer. I'll be teaching Math in Ranong, exploring South East Asia and writing about my embarassments along the way. Follow along for laughs and photos as I move away from the big city for small town Thailand.  

Prints are for sale! 


Guys. When I moved to Thailand I was told toiletries would be hard to come by (mostly lies) so I packed a significant amount of crap. I didn't pack tons of clothes because I assumed I could get those here, but I did pack TWO gallon bags of tampons (those are currency here!), four maybe five deodorants (yo, its hot AF here), toothpaste, face wash, etc.. Remember, I did move my life...this isn't vacation. All of this seemed pretty reasonable. 

Skip forward to finishing my TESOL course in Chiang Mai, re-packing said shit, getting on a plane and officially moving down to Ranong. 

Getting on a plane...let's visit that jaunt. 

I bought up on weight...40kg, which is roughly 88 pounds. I have a weekender sized bag and a massive roller. (Pro tip, massive rollers aren't, "great I can fit more stuff!" They are "Fuck, I forgot that means more weight..." Don't get the massive roller.)  As I started to pack for my move, I knew I had to drop weight - I was getting nervous that I wouldn't be under 88 pounds. I didn't think I'd be much over 90, but I still thought 88 pounds...not sure. I dropped toothpaste, obviously not sunscreen because of my being transparently white, but magazines, a few notebooks..things I didn't want to drop, but did out of "weight fear".  So we get to the airport, we've already checked in and its time to weigh and drop off the bags. First bag, 10 kg, solid. Second bag (massive roller), 38kg, not solid. Remember...I have 40kg total.

"OK guys, its cool, I packed things I was ok with tossing on top in case this happened. I'll just pull over and throw stuff out." My friends came over to help me after dropping off their bags. At this point, I hand each of them a hard drive, one takes my curler, one takes my bag of converters, one takes toiletries...were just passing the weight like its candy. I toss an awesome lotion/shower gel set Michelle gave me back in New York that I only used for a month (that was sad), but they are cute which means they are heavy. They go in the trash. 

Because embarrassing moments are sort of my's some photo evidence of my sad, pitiful self in the middle of the airport trying to make my flight to Phuket. You're welcome. 

Pathetic AF.

Pathetic AF.

So I dropped weight, passed off ONE more thing because my bag was 32.2 and it needed to be 32 (seriously?) and my bags were set. I got on my flight and fly two hours to Phuket and then hopped in the car for our five hour drive to Ranong. 

Home Sweet Home.