I left New York for tropical Thailand in order to continue my pursuit as a landscape and cultural photographer. I'll be teaching Math in Ranong, exploring South East Asia and writing about my embarassments along the way. Follow along for laughs and photos as I move away from the big city for small town Thailand.  

Prints are for sale! 


We took our songtaew ( googled this already) to the Meditation Temple and honestly, I didn't have any expectations. I was hoping it'd be awesome, but was worried it'd be pretty touristy.

A happy surprise that it was exceedingl peaceful...all the way down to those sweet, sweet cicadas making their noise like they do in Texas please. (thanks Lady G)

(hint: click the pictures)

After the meditation temple we made our way to the famous temple up in the mountains, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. For those of you who don't know, you always remove your shoes before walking into a temple in Thailand (you must also have your shoulders and knees covered out of respect). For those of you still paying attention, I'm really happy I have calloused New York feet because that concrete gets HOT. 

So after removing my shoes, I entered the temple. First, I see a wall of Buddhas. 

"Wall of Buddhas"

"Wall of Buddhas"

Then as I continued forward, burning my feet, I stumbled on the golden goddess, the mother of all Wats and it's gorgeous. Insert pretty pictures here...(hint: yep, click again)


Super horrible. This place sucks. 

You have to take your shoes off everywhere and see these damn temples. They're just gold and beautiful - WHATS THE BIG DEAL??

They also have elephant statues, and views of palm who does Thailand think I am? Someone who enjoys stellar views, warm weather and animals? Seriously?

(hint: keep that click game strong)

And palm tree lined sunsets? Guess I'm just stuck with this. 

Ryan ShanleyDoi Suthep