I left New York for tropical Thailand in order to continue my pursuit as a landscape and cultural photographer. I'll be teaching Math in Ranong, exploring South East Asia and writing about my embarassments along the way. Follow along for laughs and photos as I move away from the big city for small town Thailand.  

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Happy New Year from Thailand! Thailand celebrates their New Year with a water cleansing festival called Songkran. Imagine every single person having a supersoaker or a bucket with water to toss on anyone they right? People post up in pick up trucks, songthaews, tuk-tuks, really any sort of vehicle with trash cans full of water and MASSIVE blocks of ice.  Everyone else walks along the road, in the road and really...wherever. Its a free for all! No water or soaking anyone inside an establishment (I mean there have to be rules people), but otherwise, splash on folks!

Margo (best room mate ever) at the ready for Songkran Day 1

Margo (best room mate ever) at the ready for Songkran Day 1

So Thursday marked day one of Songkran. We got our waterguns, took our photos and hoped in a Songtaew. We made our way told the old city and splashed people on the side way along the way. Once we were close enough we popped out and started walking in. Everyone was getting ready with their buckets, food stands were setting up and smiles were everywhere! 

Songkran is considered the best holiday ever, better than Christmas, 4th of July, Halloween and New Years. Everyone LOVES Songkran. But with that being said, its a dangerous holiday. Imagine all the motorbikes (what most of the population drives) getting water tossed in their face whilst they drive...recipe for disaster. Insert #shitthathappenstoryan story here...

We left the apartment around 10a, got to the streets and started walking around 10:15a. We saw these amazing kid pools and water stations so we splashed around and kept walking. We made our way towards the Old City and out of no where, a motorbike hits water wrong and crashes, sliding across the street and hits me from behind. I fall backwards, hit my head and I'm at the hospital by 10:45a. So, Songkran and motorbike, sort of.  #titledrop. 

Heel fracture - hard casts are fun

Heel fracture - hard casts are fun

Overall, bruised spine, fractured heel and badly bruised elbow; no neck fracture - thank god. I'm extremely sore, but I'm thinking this gives me cred on the international stage. (If it doesn't, don't tell me. Let me have this one)

Songkran Day 2. FIRST OFF, the gals in my program kick ass. They went above and beyond to rent a Songtaew for the day so I could sit and participate, while the songtaew drives through town.  We got a case of beer (nope, not on pain killers...I'm good), splashed everyone with our buckets and water guns, pretended to be snippers with water guns through our sliding windows and had an awesome day. Songkran 2017, overall...a 7. Maybe an 8....we'll see how my second set of X-rays go next week.

Here's photos of the crew in the Songtaew getting the ice water ready. ;)

Ryan Shanley