On assignment with NGO, Church World Services, I spent time with their Timor Zero Hunger project in West Timor, Indonesia. Here we visited Enonuabuasa, a sub-hamlet of Eonfetnai. Their community was suffering from malnutrition and skin rashes as a result of poor sanitation and lack of nutritious food. Through CWS's sustainable agricultural training and seeds for the first crop, the community planted their first harvest and grew enough food to feed themselves and used the surplus to sell in the local markets as an income generating opportunity. In this piece, the community is planting their second harvest using growth from the previous harvest season. They are now self-sufficient farmers, are able to provide nutritious food for their family and a select few are using their new earnings to start small kiosks selling snacks and gasoline.

CWS holds agricultural technique trainings in Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar. They believe in educating developing communities how to be self sufficient so they may sustain far after CWS training sessions. In addition to #TimorZeroHunger, CWS completes WASH training, which educates the locals on clean water and sanitation. They teach community members of the negative consequences of open deification and brings latrine systems to families without toilet options. Additionally, they show how to cook nutritious meals with the food they are able to grow for mothers with children under 5 years.