Wats on wats on wats

wats on wats

wats on wats on wats on wats.

Formerly known as "Racks on racks on racks", YC dropped a new hit this month, "Wats on Wats on Wats" and it's basically Thailand's new theme song. 

No, but all horribly offensive jokes aside, the temples here are exquisite. The architectural details alone could keep you staring. Add in the magnificent colors and statues and you've got yourself a ball game.

Temple Rules + Etiquette:

Rule 1: Take shoes off

Rule 2: Women, cover shoulders and knees

Rule 3: (not posted) Don't look like a stupid American.

Check. Enter famous temple, Wat Chedi Luang, in the the Old City in Chiang Mai. 

After Wat Chedi Luang, I visited Three Kings monument and Wat Saen Muang Ma Luang. Please note, the photos from this entire post are from my iPhone. I believe the camera was recently damaged as all of the photos are a bit "airy". Apologies. Moving forward everything should be from my 5D Mark III or the Drone.